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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is on the frontier and leveraging the latest technology advances gives your company a leg up.

  • Web hosting, data storage, hosted applications, PBX and much more

  • High security with data encyrption

  • Local based USA technicians

  • Redundant systems with monitoring

  • Quick response support

  • Competitive prices

  • Friendly technicians

  • Vmware /ESXi, Azure, Office365, Google, AWS

  • Application API integration

  • Thin client

  • VPN

  • Terminal Server

IDrive Cloud Backup

Get 5GB cloud backup free

Are you ready to get rid of all that "computer junk in the trunk"? Make the leap into the new age of cloud computing and reduce your hardware and software maintenance costs with new and improved scalability to give your business a cutting edge over your competitors. Whether you consolidate your current server hardware into one system, your own cloud or to hosted equipment in the cloud is a great way to cut back on overhead and headaches. Virtual machines and cloud computing is not the wave of the future, it's here now. If haven't already jumped onto the bandwagon, then you are falling behind. Our experts are trained and qualified in virtual machines, Vmware, Azure, Office365, server containers and more. Don't get left behind, talk to our experts now.. Tel: 626-405-1739 / Toll Free: 888-887-0965

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