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Network Services

Enterprise network

AJCCTECH offers a broad range of network services that include the following and much more.

  • Network installation and troubleshooting

  • Wired and wireless networks

  • Routers, access points and hotspots

  • Security and encryption

  • VPN and remote access

  • File and printer sharing

  • Network software support

  • Add, remove and setup of user accounts.

  • File servers

  • Automated data backup 

  • And much more, too much to list, please inquire

Are you having internet or network problems? You've come to the right place as we are eager to help you resolve these "pain in the you know what" problems. I know personally how frusterating it is when your internet is down, or you cannot connect to shared folder or printer on your network, or when you wireless is signal is weak and keeps dropping. As you can imagine we get plenty of these calls and have lots of experience dealing with internet, wired and wireless network issues. You need to look no further and simply pick up the phone and call us, or send us a message on our "Contact Us" page. 

Do your current I.T. professional(s) respond to your requests in a timely manner? If not, look no further as we are able to handle most calls before they go to voicemail and if they do we usually respond within an hour. Furthermore, we have at least 3 techs running calls every day, we are not a "one man shop", so if you want the best, call AJCCTECH.

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Network patch panel

Talk to a technician now. 

Tel:  626-405-1739

Toll Free: 888-887-0965

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