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Computer repair services made easy, fast and simple. We offer a broad range of computer services ranging from hardware troubleshooting, virus removal and data recovery, to file servers and cloud computing. Below are a few of the common services offered by AJCCTECH. For first time customers call us now and get your first 10 minutes remote support for free, and a 10% discount (mention our website). In most cases we can get you up and running within the same day. 

Fast and easy remote computer support

Remote computer support

In many cases we can provide computer service in the convenience of your own home or office via our instant support tool. This is the most popular, cost effective and fastest way to resolve most issues and get you up and running in no time. We value your privacy and you are able to watch us perform the work over a secure encrypted connection. Common problems we fix remotely are computer tune up, cleanup, connect peripherals, software support, user training, software troubleshooting and much more, please inquire.

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Computer Cleanup and Virus Removal

Virus infected computer

AJCCTECH not only removes all the bugs from your computer and aggravation from your mind, but insures the system will be up and running with proper protection in a timely manner. Our technicians have many years of experience dealing with these types of issues and we have developed proven methods to erradicate viruses and malware. We also offer the latest and greatest in antivirus protection with threat detection monitoring. When our service is complete, we guarantee it will be running better than it did from day one.

Custom Computers and Gaming Systems

Custom gaming computer

We take pride in building these systems and have over 15 years of experience in hardware troubleshooting and assembly. We use nothing but the highest quality performance parts and provide a one year warranty on systems sold. We recommend the latest hard drive technology Solid State Drive (SSD) in all computers and for gaming systems Nvidia graphics cards. Popular system builds incorporate Asus, and MSI motherboards with Intel Core I7 processors. We love your input and are eager to build your custom tailored machine today.

Laptop Repair

Pasadena computer repair

Common laptop repairs include but are not limited to cracked screens, damaged keyboards, hard drives, cooling issues, defective batteries, bad DC jack,  and power cords. We are generally able to aquire the necessary replacement parts within a few days and get the system back up and running quickly. Software related issues such as cleanup, tuneups and virus removal we can usually get done the same day you bring it in. Our techs are skilled and experienced with most major brand laptops.

File Servers

Enterprise server

We use nothing but the finest equipment when it comes to file servers and our preference is Dell Poweredge commercial servers. Server systems range from basic entry level file servers to virtual machine (VM) environments. All systems sold incorporate the latest technology with redundant disk arrays (RAID), automated system backups and include a one year warranty on parts and labor. We also offer maintenance plans with after hours support. Please inquire for more details.

Network and Internet

Network component

Are you frusterated with internet and wireless issues. Go no further, our techs are skilled at troubleshooting and resolving these issues. These problems are very common and often difficult for the end user to resolve especially when trying to deal with tech support in another country. Often we can get these issues resolved the same day you call for service and in the worst case we will call your internet service provider (ISP) and open a service ticket if necessary.

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