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Computer Repair

Computer component troubleshooting

Computer repair services fast and complete. Call us now for a diagnostic with an estimate for repairs. In most cases we can get you up and running within same or next business day.

  • Bring your machine in for a diagnostic with estimate

  • Free cleanout of dust and debris from cpu, heatsink and fans

  • Talk to a technician now and get quick expert advise

  • Discuss preventative maintenance options

  • System upgrades, RAM, SSD, Video Cards and other peripherals

  • Easy to speak with local techs unlike your big box stores 

  • Competitive prices

  • 5 Star service reviews

  • Usually same day service

AJCCTECH is a leader in hardware and software troubleshooting as we have been in the business officially since 1999. We deal with all major brands including custom pc's, and all types of computer issues ranging from replacing hard drives, to motherboards, new custom system builds, servers and RAID, cloud storage, virtual machines, database and many other technical areas. Bring your computer in for a quick diagnostic with an estimate for repair. It is quite common that we can diagnose the problem while you are there and most of the time repairs are completed within the same day. We are quite confident that we can help you, so give us a call and talk to a technician now. Tel: 626-405-1739 or Toll Free 888-887-0965

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Common computer repairs include and are not limited to:
  • Computer won't turn on possible, power supply issue

  • Drive not detected or won't mount

  • System won't post or boot

  • System freezes, hangs, or is not resonding

  • Virus and malware problems

  • System overheating

  • Operating system reload or upgrade

  • Memory, CPU, video card, or other component upgrades or replacement

  • Software installation and troubleshooting

  • User training

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