Data Recovery

Mechanical hard drive

We understand the sensitivity and importance of recovering your data and will do everything we can to recover it, whether it is in or shop or requires clean room recovery.

  • Bring your machine or drive in for a free diagnostic with estimate

  • Our techs will make an immediate attempt to recover your data

  • Friendly experienced techs, no strings attached service

  • Internal or external drives, mechanical or solid state, flash drives, floppy drives, CD's and others

  • Easy to speak with techs unlike your big box stores

  • Competitive prices

  • Usually same day service

We handle data recovery for all types of files systems and operating systems.

We welcome Windows, Mac, Linux and we handle the recovery from various file systems including FAT, FAT32, NTFS, HFS, EXT and various drive form factors 1", 1.8", 2.5, 3.5 IDE, SATA, SSD and Flash drives.

Physical drives we support
  • Internal

  • External

  • Desktop

  • Server RAID

  • NAS

Our data recovery process works like this
  1. You bring your drive to us.

  2. We make an initial assessment of the condition of your drive in order to determine if we can recover the data in our facility or not.

  3. If we can perform the data in our facility, we provide you with a quote for the data recovery and the time frame, usually 1 to 2 days.

  4. If the drive needs to go in for clean-room recovery, we ask for the shipping cost (usually $25) and whether or not you will provide a new drive to recover the data to.

  5. As soon as we receive the clean-room diagnostic, we then provide you with the quote and time frame for the recovery.

  6. If your data cannot be recovered, there is no additional cost.

Are you aware?

You may want to check your home owner's, or renter's insurance policy to see if you are covered as some policies cover loss of "intellectual property", including records, files, pictures and other digital media. Most commercial policies include coverages for data loss and data recovery. Data recovery is also a valid business expense.

Common Hard Drive Brands
  • Seagate

  • Western Digital

  • Samsung

  • IBM

  • Maxtor

  • Hitachi

  • Toshiba

  • Fujitsu

  • HGST

  • Buffalo

  • LaCie

  • Intel

  • Dell

IDrive Cloud Backup

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Common types of data recovery include and are not limited to:
  • Drive spin up issue

  • Drive not detected or won't mount

  • Repetitive clicking sound

  • Broken drive interface connector

  • Severe impact or dropped

  • Accidental formatting, deletion or missing files