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VOIP phone

Many businesses are migrating to a digital phone system these days. Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has greatly advanced with higher Internet speeds becoming commonplace and the advantages of digital systems seem to outweigh those of analog systems. Below are some of the benefits os VOIP.

  • Increased effectiveness of call transmission and routing

  • Lower monthly cost

  • Largely scalable

  • Data and video transmission capability

  • Softphones can be used instead of adding a physical phone

  • Easy to install use and troubleshoot

  • No need for seperate cabling for phone systems

  • Increased productivity

Most people ask... Why should I go with a VOIP phone system as the calls get dropped, the quality, reliability and support is poor. The fact is.. a few years ago this was true as the technology was not matured and internet bandwidth was considerably less than what it is today. As you know, technology has changed dramatically over the last few years and is rapdily getting much better every day. Today in most places internet speeds are 10 times what they used to be and VoIP communication technology has improved ten fold. The cost of running an old school analog phone system is huge. Yes, I find them to be a slightly more reliable, but the cost savings more than outweighs the slight reliability savings. And the ability to send video and the host of other features with VoIP more than outweigh the slight reliability difference. If your internet is good and reliable, then there should be little to no down time ever. We are able to get a system up and running in about an hour, so cut the cord and call us now.

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