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Security Cameras

Security camera

AJCCTECH offers the latest technology in security surveillance systems for your home or office. We will not only install the system, but we will train you on how to use it effectively and get all your devices connected.

  • Remote viewing on your mobile device or computer

  • Audio recording

  • PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras

  • In door and outdoor cameras

  • Motion sense recording

  • High definition cameras

  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor

  • Supports Windows, Android & IOS 

Unfortunately these days we need to keep on eye on things or they seem to grow legs and walk away, causing immense frustration, agravation and expense. We know how you feel and have a solution for you. You might ask... why should I call you instead of going to a local retail store and purchasing my own security camera system for a few hundred bucks? The answer is simple. In fact many people do just that and then call us to install the system they purchased. Well there is quite a difference from what you buy in the store verses our "turn-key" commercial grade system. For one.. installing the cabling in a professional manner can be quite difficult. Getting the cameras online and setup for remote viewing is getting much easier, but if you are not a techie, can still be troublesome. Why waste time, I do not recommend purchasing your own equipment if you are going to need someone else to install it. The equipment we sell is not much more expensive, it's high quality, high definition and we carry all the headache and warranty if there are any problems. Call us now for a free on-site visit and estimate.

Tel: 626-405-1739 / Toll Free: 888-887-0965

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